What are the International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching Programmes (ISMCP)?

The International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching Programmes (ISMCP) is an independent accreditation awarded to organisations designing, delivering and evaluating mentoring and/or coaching programmes either ‘in-house’ or externally. It is an integral and essential step on the path to establishing the professional credibility and status of good mentoring and/or coaching programme management, ensuring programmes are:

  • Thoughtfully designed
  • Systematically managed
  • Significantly contributing to the development of participants, strategic drivers of the organisation and wider stakeholder objectives.

EMCC aims to develop the Standards continuously, incorporating changes that reflect the wider range of innovations in application and method of mentoring and coaching, and the diversity of approaches arising from different cultures and contexts. We do this by engaging with practitioners and academics in the field, internationally. Therefore, the emphasis of this award is to raise standards whilst acknowledging existing excellence.

What does the ISMCP offer?

The purpose of the ISMCP is to provide a consistent and globally accepted benchmark of good practice in mentoring and coaching programme management. Organisations will benefit by:

  • Legitimising their mentoring or coaching programme against a recognised standard
  • Strengthening and improving the mentoring or coaching programme through rigorous assessment
  • Continuing to build the business case for mentoring or coaching, influencing key stakeholders
  • Identifying opportunities to promote mentoring or coaching development activity internally and/or externally.

Why is the award important for your organisation?

Your organisation will benefit in many ways through applying for and achieving the award, including:

  • An audit check on quality, allowing your organisation to reflect on its processes, procedures
    and outputs
  • Assurance that your programmes are of an agreed standard and benchmarked against best practice
  • Feedback elicited through the ISMCP process can lead to programme development and improvements
  • Marketing opportunities for your programmes stemming from a successful application process
  • Your reputation for being an organisation leading and managing mentoring and/or coaching programmes to a high standard.
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